We care about your wines, beers and spirits

Protecting the quality, taste and freshness of your goods is our priority.  Our engineers work to create products and tools to preserve the integrity of your beverages and transport them safely

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technologies, temperature and humidity risks

Temperature monitoring

Understand the potential temperature and humidity risks to your beverages on any route, shipping at any time

technologies, insulation liner

Insulation liner

Protect your beverages against thermal shocks, humidity and cross contamination

transport options, bulk

Flexitank technology

Demand a Flexitank that protects the quality of your bulk beverages whilst in transit

technologies, temperature and humidity risks

Anticipate temperature and humidity risks

Wine and beer are sensitive products and we understand the temperature and humidity risks facing them whilst in transit

That's why we operate the largest database of global shipping routes combined with historical meteorological data, to share with you the information that will enable you to anticipate these thermal risks when planning your shipments

  • Plan your shipment with access to 110,000 sea-shipping routes, 3,300 port pair combinations for alternative routes and 2,500 cities
  • Evaluate the maximum, minimum and average temperature and humidity data, when planning your shipment
  • Our data is produced, tested and quality controlled by the WMO (World Meteorological Organisation)

Protection - Whatever the weather

We want to protect your wine and beer from extreme temperatures, so that they arrive at their destination with the same level of quality, taste and freshness they departed with

Thermal liners are used when a standard container doesn’t provide enough protection from fluctuating temperatures and a refrigerated container offers too much.  The liner acts as a protective barrier from sudden changes in temperature and:

  • Protects against thermal shocks, condensation, cross contamination
  • Patented technology, designed and manufactured by JF Hillebrand
  • Available for containers, pallets or cases
  • Recyclable
  • Compatible with FDA guidelines
technologies, insulation liner
technologies, flexitank

Flexitanks that preserve product quality

For the transportation of wine in bulk

  • The lowest surface area-to-volume ratio on the market
  • Minimal product residue
  • Manufactured by us with a protective barrier layer to stop oxygen from impacting on your products quality
  • Recyclable
  • Accommodates any build-up of gas should a secondary fermentation occur
  • Defends against chemical compounds which can be harboured by organic materials such as the wooden floor in containers
  • Certified by the FDA & EU Regulatory Food Contact

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