We're here to make shipping beverages easy for everyone

Since 1844 we've been entrusted to ship wines, beers and spirits around the world. Passionate about what we do, we continue to evolve and innovate to be the best company to work with and for.


What we do

Shipping products that need special care around the world is the foundation of our business, and we have been building upon it since 1844.  By dedicating our services, solutions and people to the beverage industry, we can focus our innovations and expertise on the global management of wines, beers and spirits.

We nurture and encourage our team of global professionals to transform the requirements of our customers into efficient logistics solutions.

Most importantly, we share our customer’s passion for wines, beers and spirits.

How we do it

Our teams apply the same care and attention to the transportation of beverages as a brewer, winemaker or distiller does in their creation.

Over the years, our business has been built on relationships.  Our account management teams and operational staff want to understand your business, become part of your DNA and work for you.

Our organisation operates within every wine producing area around the world and is present in every country where beer and spirits are crafted.  This strategic positioning of our offices means we can manage your shipments from origin to destination.

Beverages transportation
Global shipping

Why we do it

Honouring the passion and craftsmanship of every winemaker, brewer and distiller, we are committed to preserving product quality through the transport process.

We want our customers to feel we exceed their expectations and make the global shipping of beverages easy.   Working with JF Hillebrand, you'll have a partner you can rely on.  We'll help you to deliver an outstanding service to your customers.

Where we come from

  • 1844 JF Hillebrand was founded in Mainz, Germany
  • 1960's Advent of the sea container enabled the business to expand into the new world
  • 2007 Acquisition of Trans Ocean Bulk Logistics
  • 2008 Development and launch of our insulation liner
  • 2013 Acquisition of Satellite Logistics Group
  • JF Hillebrand is an international logistics service provider, solely dedicated to transporting beers, wines and spirits
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Our other brands

Reverse logistics for brewers

Innovative business solutions for the brewing industry, since 1984. Utilising a global operations network with intelligent information software, the brewing industry can rely on a reverse logistics solution to manage and optimise an entire keg fleet, whilst increasing service performance.

Logistics for bulk commodities

Providing non-hazardous bulk liquid transportation since 1984. Combining market-leading expertise in the design, manufacture and use of Flexitanks with world-class systems, we deliver reliable and cost effective logistics solutions to meet the diverse requirements of our customers.

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Olivier Daull


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Leendert Vis

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Pierre Bonel

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Cees van Gent

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Scott Moorad

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Daan Hoes

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