Wines and spirits are high value, fragile and perishable products. At JF Hillebrand we want to do everything we can to protect your shipment, ensuring it arrives at its destination in optimum condition.

Throughout its transit from vineyard to retailer, wine is at risk from a range of outside influences. Containers can be dirty or contaminated by previously shipped commodities (for example scrap metal, paper and plastic, and chemical products). Meanwhile, temperature fluctuations in transit can damage wine, along with packaging and labelling, adversely affecting the commercial value of the products.

Shippers will endeavour to minimise the risk of heat exposure, for example by loading close to vessel stack closure dates. However, this does not account for instances of unforeseen delays in transit, resulting from delayed vessel departure, customs clearance or congestion at the receiving warehouse.

To provide the maximum level of protection for your shipment, JF Hillebrand offers a range of options.

Liner Foils JF Hillebrand has developed a cost-effective way of achieving protection, designed entirely for the wine and spirits market: VinLiner. 

VinLiner is a protective liner foil, placed in dry containers. It protects your shipment against the risks and uncertainties of unpredictable weather conditions around the world. It reduces thermal shocks during day and night and protects against radiation and thermal conduction forces that occur on board the ship and at the port.

As a result,VinLiner dramatically decreases deterioration in quality or taste of the product, as well as reducing leakage, overheating and freezing, and the production of Ethyl Carbamate

VinLiner protects cargo from condensation, moisture and other possible irritants inside the container - from water spills, to bad smells and contamination.​