Wines and spirits, by their nature, are vulnerable whilst being transported or warehoused. Global, multimodal transportation involves a high level of risk, and loss or damage may occur from time to time. This can directly impact on your cost of doing business. 

It is therefore very important that cargo owners properly insure their consignments for loss or damage whilst in transit. Marine insurance provides protection, peace of mind, and efficient, problem-free claim processing to help you quickly recover your loss.

VInsurance is JF Hillebrand’s all risks insurance package, tailored entirely to the specific needs of the beverage industry.

Insuring your cargo through VInsurance provides peace of mind via its extensive cover. As the insurance is managed by JF Hillebrand, you are able to avoid unreasonable time limits when making a claim. Booking your insurance through JF Hillebrand’s worldwide network of Claims Settling Agents, you can expect prompt appointment of Loss Adjusters and speedy resolutions to your claims in 4 to 5 weeks of receipt of full claim documentation.

For detailed information about VInsurance, including coverage and premium calculation, please download our VInsurance flyer below.