Optimize your beer supply chain with JF Hillebrand’s Kegspediter® service.
JF Hillebrand’s range of beer industry solutions has been further enhanced following our acquisition of Satellite Logistics Group (SLG). Thanks to SLG’s innovative Kegspediter® system, we can now provide a proven reverse logistics solution for empty kegs; helping leading brewers and beer distributors to optimize their supply chain, improve control of products and assets, and realize significant return on their invested capital.
Our extensive North American and European networks (offices, clients, consolidation center locations, and channel partners) set Kegspediter® apart from other keg management systems. Kegspediter® provides quick and efficient empty keg collection and return processes. By speeding up the cycle time and getting kegs back into the production pipeline faster, Kegspediter® allows our clients to serve their distribution market with a smaller capital expenditure on keg assets.
With real-time visibility of stock in transit, brewers can better plan production and delivery – especially important during peak sales periods. And, by keeping track of your kegs, you’ll minimize the chance of lost, stolen or stray kegs.
Kegspediter® puts comprehensive keg management capabilities at your fingertips:
  • Inventory management
  • Keg scanning
  • Keg draining
  • Keg and cooperage census
  • Innovative, tailored supply chain solutions 
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​​If you are in the USA  or Mexico, please contact Satellite Logistics Group: