Collaborative SCM

Our collaborative SCM solution is a 4PL model which includes Advanced Inventory Management and a higher level of sharing and collaboration between all parties. Information about stock, orders, forecasting and so on, is shared with all parties involved, to improve supplier management and time to market. Our SCM solutions are one step further than Advanced Inventory Management and are customized to each client’s requirement - delivering maximum availability of the right product, at minimum inventory holding cost.

Required for

  • To achieve the ultimate level of stock control - not only on the quantity aspect, but on the quality and time-to-market too


  • Provides a single forecast to drive the entire supply chain
  • Manage a reliable workflow, resulting in a robust inbound flow
  • Local monitoring and coordination by Supply Chain Consultant in export countries
  • Full transparency on stock, orders and forecast for all parties involved
  • Customized KPIs and measurements
  • Inventory and lead-time reduction, enabling higher stock turns
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Xavier Rafel
Integrated Logistics Solutions