Deep Sea Groupage Service

This is a wine-only service, developed specifically for the UK trade​

Because we have developed this service exclusively for wine and exclusively to the UK, we have not had to make any compromises in creating a service that precisely matches the needs of this specific market.


Exceptional care

Ours is the only wine-only deep sea groupage to benefit from VinLiner protection during transit, ensuring your wine consignment arrives in tip-top condition, protected from damaging temperature fluctuations and humidity issues during the transit.

As an example of our commitment to safeguarding wine quality, from Washington State and Oregon in the US, collections from the wineries to our air-conditioned container packing warehouse are made by refrigerated truck.


No risk of cross-contamination

We will not ship anything other than wine in the container, giving you peace of mind, knowing that your valuable cargo is being transported without any risk of cross-contamination with other incompatible non-wine products.



We will not keep your cargo waiting. We provide fixed day, fortnightly departures from all Countries included on our tariff, so you can maximise sales by providing high levels of product availability to your customers.



Our service is based on direct, scheduled shipping services to the UK so you know precisely when to expect delivery of your consignment. What’s more, you can track the progress of your goods via AXIS - our award winning, Internet based, order management solution.

Each consignment is Customs cleared individually, so there is no risk of your order being delayed by someone else’s, the de-vanning in the UK is effected in a fully bonded customs-controlled environment.


Simplified pricing

So you can work out precisely how much it will cost to ship your consignment / (or) goods to market, without any unpleasant surprises.


Insurance included

No need to worry; in the unlikely event of damage or loss during transit we will handle the claim through our “All Risks Marine Cargo Insurance”, and arrange prompt settlement.


No need to change your buying terms

Our groupage prices include all container stuffing and unstuffing costs, so there should be no change to your full load buying terms.


Ease of handling

All deliveries are made on pallets for ease of handling and increased convenience.​