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Corporate and Social Responsibility

At JF Hillebrand we are not only passionate about the products we carefully ship around the globe but also the people and community involved with and sometimes affected by it too. That’s why here in South Africa we are full and continuous supporters of The Pebbles Project.

Established in 2004, The Pebbles Project offers support to children with special educational needs, particularly those whose lives are affected by alcohol in some way, in the Western Cape of South Africa. Research shows there is a high number of children whose lives are affected negatively by alcohol due to parental drinking, neglect, and communities where drinking is a problem.

JF Hillebrand are a corporate sponsor of The Pebbles Project which works closely with local vineyards/farms, which assist with the uplifting of the wine making communities and the education of the workers' children. Some vineyards simply request basic crèche support, teacher training, resources and guidance; however the majority of vineyards request a full range of services.

Pebbles offers the following services:

  • Renovation and Provision of buildings of buildings for créches and after-school clubs.
  • Training for all créche and after-school club staff members
  • Educational resources and equipment
  • Provision of libraries at each facility
  • Activities at after-school clubs
  • Créche support teachers
  • Parent Workshops
  • Monthly educational trips
  • Mobile Toy Library


Run down of our last 3 years sponsorships:

  • The building of the Bellevue Creche 2009
  • 2010 Christmas Party for 500 children 2010
  • Bus rebranding


Soup Kitchen 2011

This year, to celebrate the birthday of our National icon, Nelson Mandela, the local office all pitched in to cook soup for the local night shelter

Broad Based Black Economy Empowerment

JF Hillebrand is proud of their commitment towards B-BBEE and has recently achieved a level 7 compliance status.  When procuring from JF Hillebrand, clients will enjoy a 50% procurement recognition.