JF Hillebrand Portugal

Portugal has many different types of wines, due to the irregular climate and soil. Three types of Portuguese wines are unique in the world: Port, the renowned dessert wine, Madeira, the dessert and aperitif wine from Madeira Island, and Vinho Verde, Portugal's light and fruity green white, made in the Minho region. Portugal has one of the oldest DOC's of the world.​

JF Hillebrand Portugal is the only freight forwarder working in Portugal dedicated to the wine and spirits industry. Wine producers and shippers recognise our expertise in wine and spirits logistics, and more and more customers rely on JF Hillebrand Portugal to handle their sensitive products with care! 

The office was opened in 1995 and currently employs 10 people. We are located 5 minutes from Leixoes harbour, and just 10 minutes from the major Port wine cellars. 

For any enquiries relating to Portugeuse beverage logistics, we will be happy to assist.


JF Hillebrand Portugal Transitarios Sociedade

All business of whatever nature is undertaken subject to the Associação dos Transitários de Portugal conditions, available from your local JF Hillebrand representative. These Conditions limit and in some circumstances exclude liability.