Supply Chain Management (4PL)

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is not just about moving goods from A to B. Through a collaborative 4PL approach, we are able to optimise the entire end to end supply chain for maximum potential benefit for all involved.

We have state-of-the-art technology that enables us to meet our customers high demands, coupled with a vast international network of essential local expertise - delivering significant benefits to all those within the chain. Our solutions, customized to each client’s requirement, deliver maximised availability of the right product at minimum inventory holding cost.

The benefits of the collaborative 4PL approach are clear: 

  • Improved availability, increased customer satisfaction, and increased sales and profit
  • Reduced inventory levels at bonds and warehouses
  • Reductions in lead-times from export country to import country
  • Improved reliability in lead-times from export country to import country
  • Increased stock turns
  • Working capital improvements
  • Improved load planning through consolidation options delivering optimised container fills
  • Global visibility of total end to end supply chain
  • Greater collaboration and improved relationships
    For more information on our Supply Chain Management services, please contact your local JF Hillebrand office.