JF Hillebrand Lebanon

Lebanon has a vibrant wine producing sector with 42 wineries at the last count – up from just five in 1995. Production is expanding rapidly, and having gone through a period of dramatic rebirth Lebanese wine is becoming increasingly well known and sought after.

Approximately 1 million bottles are now produced each year, and around 70-80% of these come out of the Bekaa Valley, an elevated plain sitting between two mountain ranges. The Bekaa’s clay and limestone soil, coupled with good temperature variations, provides ideal conditions for the grapevine. Towards the coast, wineries are also in operation in Batroun to the north of the country, in the Mount Lebanon area around the capital Beirut, and more recently in the south in Jezzine. Much of Lebanon’s wine is consumed locally, but a little less than half is exported – the UK, France and the US are major markets.
On the import side, Scottish whisky and French wine are in high demand, as is beer from Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark. The high demands of the Lebanese consumer, in addition to Beirut’s position as regional nightlife capital, ensure that wine and spirits are brought to Lebanon from all over the world.
JF Hillebrand is represented in Lebanon by Henry Heald & Co., Lebanon’s oldest company. Founded in 1837 it has represented JF Hillebrand in Lebanon since 2002, and in Syria since 2010. With offices along the Eastern Mediterranean, Henry Heald works with all the major wine exporters, and most of the importers as well, ensuring that the utmost attention is given to these valuable shipments.

Our services include:

  • Import and export sea (FCL and LCL)
  • Airfreight
  • Consolidation services for export cargo
  • Unstuffing and trucking of cargo to Jordan and Iraq
  • Customs clearance formalities
  • Cargo insurance
  • Insulation of export containers