JF Hillebrand China / 海蓝德国际货运代理(上海)有限公司

作为JF Hillebrand全球网络的一部分,海蓝德(上海)专业于酒类及饮品的全球物流。我们将竭诚协助您在中国市场发展业务。



JF Hillebrand China Co. Ltd (海蓝德国际货运代理(上海)有限公司) officially opened for business on 1st July, 2007.  Operating out of Shanghai, the office is strategically located to handle all imports and exports to and from the globe.

As part of the JF Hillebrand global network, JF Hillebrand China specialises in world-wide wines, spirits and beverage logistics. We will be a more than happy to assist you in developing your business in the Chinese market, and beyond.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information relating to beverage logistics in China.

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JF Hillebrand China Co. Ltd

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