Corporate and Social Responsibility

JF Hillebrand Benelux has sponsored the National Wine Symposium for 5 years to show a commitment to the wine importers of the Netherlands.  Hans Schipper, MD, has been member of the jury of the Wine Marketing Awards, rewarding wine importers who have been launching new initiatives, innovations and/or environmentally friendly solutions.

Furthermore JF Hillebrand Benelux is an official friend of the Sophia’s Children’s Hospital in Rotterdam offering yearly donations in support of their work and efforts.  The National Cancer Foundation is also supported through a charity agreement.

The South African Community Chest Carnival is sponsored by providing free shipping services for goods which are being auctioned in Capetown.  The objective of the CCC is to help communities in South Africa to alleviate poverty.

Local social initiatives are also being sponsored, such as building a new playground in the area close to our office, materials for schools and computer training for students with arrears.

JF Hillebrand Benelux is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations. We continuously strive to improve our environmental performance, through initiatives and best practice.

We understand that our customers also have environmental commitments, which have to be carefully managed alongside cost-effectiveness and reliability. With the environment high on the agenda, JF Hillebrand Benelux has developed a number of environmental initiatives which let our customers manage their carbon footprints:

  • Wine groupage services allowing importers ordering exactly those quantities they need where normally full containers were being shipped out.
  • Use of Short Sea Shipping and inland waterways to reduce road miles.
  • Use of inland depots to pick-up empty containers close to loading addresses, avoiding moves to the ports of Rotterdam or Antwerp first.
  • Bulk shipments which dramatically reduce the associated carbon emissions – in some cases by up to 40%.
  • Insulation – Development of our own VinLiner thermal liners as an environmentally friendly alternative to shipping in temperature controlled reefer containers (which require more energy to refrigerate).
  • Carbon Calculator – Development of a carbon calculator tool on the JF Hillebrand web site, covering key corridors (NWW – Europe, Europe – USA, Europe – Far East with more to follow) – enabling shippers to calculate and compare their carbon emissions via different transport modes. Providing innovative tools such as the carbon calculator helps to foster a culture of environmental awareness amongst our customers and staff.

And of course, we invest in our most important asset...our people, providing industry training in both product and service qualifications.